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Rating : 9.4/10

If you’re unable to last longer than 10 minutes in bed, then this may be the most important article you’re going to read today.

You’re probably wondering if 60 Minute Stamina actually works.

Hopefully you haven’t gone through all the other biased reviews out there that lean way too much to one side or the other.

If you have, that’s okay, because after reading this review you’ll able to come to your own conclusion about 60 Minute Stamina to see if it is the best solution for you.

Before you continue reading I want to make sure that you’ve already watched 60 Minute Stamina’s presentation video:

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Maybe You Can Relate to My Story

Ever since I can remember since the first time I had sex, I was never able to last longer than 10 minutes on average.

Yes, I’d have those certain occasions where I’d be able to last a little longer than usual, but at the end of the day I never felt in control.

Imagine being that boyfriend or sex partner who couldn’t even last 10 minutes in bed. That’s exactly who I was and I’d always be ashamed, lacking in confidence.

Maybe you can relate.

(By the way, being a great lover has a lot to do with being able to give her sex for long periods of time.)

Insecurity, impotence, paranoia, and anxiety were just some of the feelings I would feel on a daily basis.

Not only was the problem of premature ejaculation something that affected my sex life, but it also greatly affected how I acted socially with women as well.


the only reason I’m able to talk about this so openly, is because my sex life has changed thanks to 60 Minute Stamina, and I want to share this with you.


How 60 Minute Stamina Worked For Me

As soon as I ordered the product I got direct access to videos online and went through the whole course in just 1 day.

I have to be honest and say that it didn’t work for me for the first 3 days I had sex with my girlfriend.

The max amount of time I’d last was around 7-10 minutes. (Little progress but nothing like I wanted)

However, after 1 week of practicing the techniques and concepts explained in 60 Minute Stamina, I was able to last over 15 minutes. All it took was trying out a few other different techniques that I hadn’t been using in the product.

From then on over the next couple of weeks I kept going through the course for specifics that I hadn’t been using, which greatly increased my stamina as long as 30 minutes. (Enough time to get her to orgasm)

The product tackles the issue of premature ejaculation from so many different angles that you will definitely be able to pinpoint where you’re struggling and how to fix it.


Creator of 60 Minute Stamina

60 Minute Stamina is created by professional Porn Star and Instructor, Marcus London.Very interesting guy, coming from the UK, but nonetheless a very cool dude.

What surprised me most about Marcus is that he wasn’t just some uneducated porn star who didn’t know squat about sex and the human psychology. This guy was very educated and wasn’t full of B.S. theories. Through his personal experience he was able to come up with all these undiscovered secrets today.

He would do exclusive seminars deconstructing exactly what problems over 80% of men had with premature ejaculation and how to solve those problems quickly.

The best part about is that we get everything Marcus teaches in his seminar in one concise product.


What Does Sixty Minute Stamina Include?

Stamina Seminars (two 45 min videos)
Stamina Demonstrations (four 45 min videos)
Stamina & Sex Advice From Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Evan Stone, and Nick Manning
Stamina Trainer Videos


Sixty Minute Stamina

The Good:

  • The seminars are very specific and tackles premature ejaculation from many different angles.
  • It gives you live demonstrations of the techniques that you should use and how to do it.
  • It avoids a bunch of fluff.
  • It’s easily affordable at $67.
  • 100% Risk Free Money back Guarantee.

The Bad:

  • It does take a bit of practice in order to start seeing results. You will probably start seeing results 7 days after going through the product.
  • It’s quite a bit of content to go through. So, depending on the amount of time you have you might have to finish it in a couple of days.
  • I still haven’t been able to last up to 60 Minutes during sex, but it’s clearly improved to over 30.
  • Because Marcus is a professional porn star, some of the techniques do require getting used to.

Sixty Minute Stamina

Would I Recommend 60 Minute Stamina

I’ve given this program a fair shake. I watched all the videos, did the ‘Stamina Training Sessions’ and remembered to do the techniques the next time I got down with my lady.

All in all, this is a really good program. Some of the info may be familiar to you, but I guarantee there’s some stuff you have NOT heard. Like I said, Marcus reveals some absolute gems. It was these little tricks, plus getting to practice using the ‘Stamina Training Sessions’ that really f­orced me to last longer.

There’s no doubt that 60 Minute Stamina worked for me.

Look, IF you truly want to last longer in bed without any of the pills, creams, and different foods then I advise you to definitely try out 60 Minute Stamina. There’s nothing better on the market to increase stamina and cure premature ejaculation.

It’s no surprise that 60 Minute Stamina has become one of the most popular products on the market today. There’s no denying that it works.

Click on the link below to get 60 Minute Stamina 100% risk free:


Or you can watch the presentation again here:

Here’s where you can learn more about 60 Minute Stamina


Testimonial Of The Week:

“Only in my first week of using the techniques taught in your product, but already seeing results. I’ve increased my stamina by about 5 minutes. I know it’s not much, but am hopeful that as time goes on I’ll increase my stamina much more. Thank you for everything!”

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