How to Make Her Squirt For the first time

make her squirtIf you have ever seen women squirting in porn video or films, you have likely wondered how you can get your partner to do the same. Female ejaculation seems like such an unattainable goal and mystery to many, but it is truly attainable if you just know how to do it.

To begin with, starting with oral around her clitoris, labia and inner thighs is a good way to help her to relax and get wet. Continuously lick and suck the clitoris for the whole duration of oral sex because as it increases in power, her pleasure will increase and so will her chance of ejaculating.

The next important step in how to make her squirt will be to take your dominant hand and wet just your middle finger and pointer finger. Ensure that your nails are not sharp and trimmed to avoid hurting her. Then insert these two fingers with the fingerprint facing up and slide them slowly but firmly as much as they can go, being careful not to use too much pressure. When your fingers are in you can tease her inner wall with the pads of your fingers slowly to make her even wetter. When she seems ready you can really begin the process.

Find her g-spot with your fingers now, and then slide your fingers in two inches up and then back towards the front of her pussy. You should feel a rough patch of skin that is rougher than the rest of the smooth inner part of her pussy. Now make a come hither motion with your fingers. Pull back against her g-spot and press a bit with your fingers.

Rhythmically press, tap and pull your fingertips against the spot. As you do this she should get wetter. As this happens and she starts enjoying it more, you can go a bit harder. You can eventually do a speed sliding of your fingers in and out of her, with increased force and faster rhythm; all the while maintain your fingers in an upward and outward force so you are still hitting her g-spot. As long as she is enjoying it and not saying it is hurting, you can keep going.

When she gets close to ejaculating, she will say that she needs to pee, however she does not need to pee! This is a temporary sensation that will pass, but make sure she knows this before you start so she doesn’t make you stop. When she feels the need to pee, this is actually when you can start doing the motions with your fingers harder because she is about to orgasm.

About ten to fifteen seconds after she feels the need to pee, she will start to cum. Do not stop at this point! Just continue to do it harder and hard, pressuring her g-spot upwards the whole time. This is when she should start ejaculating, or squirting. She’ll likely scream and you will see that her pussy is shooting odorless, clear liquid everywhere. There could be an awful lot of this, and it could soak the sheets and you and anything else around her, so be aware of this and be prepared.

Don’t worry about how to make her squirt the very first time, or that your woman will never be able to. Most women, if not all, have the ability to squirt, and it will likely be the best orgasm she has ever had before if she has never squirted before. Plus, once she has squirted once, she will be able to keep doing it. Usually, she can squirt again shortly after squirting the first time if you didn’t do it too hard.

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