Manwhore: How to Become a Gigolo

become a gigoloSex for money? “Outrageous!” they say. Why can’t a man earn payment and materials for their services and companionship? Is it not what women do?

Take this scenario:

You find an attractive woman, and decide to go up to her. You ask for her number, and boom! You got your date.

Because you’re the man, you have to impress her by dressing nicely and paying for the date. That’s about $100 – $150 for the date. If you like her, now you have to go on another date and pay for it again. Another $100.

If you’re with her for over a month now, you might start buying her small gifts. I’m not even going to get into how much that would cost. I’ve heard and seen some of the most ridiculous things guys do.


She might not even end up wanting to be with you.

Now, you feel like an idiot.

Are men not allowed to do the same?

I would love it if a woman paid for my dinners, and bought me things for giving her a good time every so often. Unfortunately, if a man does this it’s frowned upon and some people even think it’s illegal?

Forgive my little rant there. Now that you have more perspective it’s time to teach you how to become a gigolo.

Guide to Become a Gigolo

  • You have to look good. Age doesn’t really matter. There’s all types of women looking for all types of men. Sometimes women crave a younger, man sometimes they crave an older man. The secret is keeping clean and healthy. I’d recommend working out, grooming your facial hair, dressing well, and getting haircuts.
  • Work on your penis and woman handling skills. become a gigoloLook, the reality is that having a few extra inches doesn’t hurt. You don’t want to have is too small of a penis and bad sex skills. If you want her to call you again and again, then you need to be able to satisfy her.
  • Do not hit on women. Let them know you’re interested and that you’re willing to please her. Discreetly go up to them and simply start having a conversation. If you hit on a woman they automatically think you want to date them. Remember, you’re the gigolo and that means she has to hit on you. Let her know that you’re a man-whore and that you’re willing to spend the night with her.
  • Look for women in high society. Women of high social class usually have money to blow off and they’re usually lacking something intimate. Their money can make up for what they want.
  • Don’t aim for hot looking women. If you’re a gigolo most of the time it will be women who aren’t the best looking, who will hire you. This is something important to accept in your psychology. If you’re not up for this, then being a gigolo will be difficult.
  • Always let them know the price. Once they already enjoy your company and can’t afford to lose you, discreetly let them know that you’re available for companionship at a certain price. This will cut the B.S. out of the way and get to business.
  • It’s always about her, not you. When you’re accompanying a woman, make sure that she’s enjoying your company and can’t afford not to see you again.
  • Never call back. If they want you, they’ll call you.
  • Use the power of the internet. With the internet you have the capability to be exposed to thousands of women all across the world. Women might even pay for you to visit them in far away places. This is one of the best ways to reach countless amount of women. Make sure you look your best and state what you can do for them.
  • Wear protection. I’m not going to explain this, better to be safe than sorry.
  • Know when you must avoid a crazy woman. Sometimes you’re going to have to pass on a woman who’s a potential danger to you. Do your research and analyze the person before offering your services.

Now that you know how to become a gigolo, go out there and start testing different things out to become good at it. Remember, practice makes perfect.


By Reed Hayes


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Reed Hayes is an entrepreneur/writer who loves to travel the world. With over 20 years of experience in content management, his biggest purpose is to help men all across the world.

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