The Dominant Sexual Power Program Review

The Dominant Sexual Power Program

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Do you lack the sexual confidence and prowess you’ve always wished you had? Have you always wanted to know how to get a woman turned on, and fast? If you are tired of trying through the use of money, fame and good looks, and you want something that can show you how to attract women naturally, you should take a look at the Dominant Sexual Power Program review I have put together.


The Good

The best thing about this program is that it contains four concepts that are original and innovative, developed by Vin DiCarlo. The advice here centers around themes such as Compliance, Vision, Sexual Tension and Shaping. All four of these make up a flow sheet so you know what needs to be done to improve your relationships overall. This also will show you how to build up sexual tension and give you sexual confidence.

This program is also quite efficient in giving you the details and tools you need to make implementing the advice it gives much easier. For the big scope of quality advice you get here, the program is also a great value for your money.


The Bad

The bad thing about this program is that it is not suitable for beginners at all since it is so sophisticated. Advanced students might even have to study a lot to get the most out of this program. You will need to already be well versed in sexual and dating skills to begin with before starting this program to get the most out of it. It is quite complex, and it will take you a lot of thinking and practice until you can become comfortable applying this advice in actual situations.

At times, the complexity of this program becomes awkward, even for guys who are advanced. For one, in week 10 of the video coaching, there is advice given on advanced sexual tension, but it was adding more details that made it more difficult to put into effect and wouldn’t make any difference.


What is Included?

As already mentioned, this product is centered on four main concepts which include Compliance, Vision, Sexual Tension and Shaping. They are explained in the audio package you get when you purchase the product. During the twelve weeks that proceed, you get video coaching episodes that feature Vin Di Carlo. All of them are around thirty to sixty minutes long. In them, DiCarlo provides you with tips on putting into practice the four concepts, plus he will answer some questions from people who have used the course.


Should I Buy It?

So, does the Dominant Sexual Power Program work? It is definitely a solid program, and is a good value for the cost. If you are already at an advanced level and you want to move your lifestyle and relationships to a higher level, there is great advice in this program so show you how to do this.

If you are just starting out trying to figure out how to approach and attract women, and you don’t have decent skills already in the bedroom, than you should hold off buying this program. If you buy it now, you won’t get the most out of it unless you’ve already got the foundation of these skills.

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